Album: Ghetto Cowboy by Yelawolf zip file


Album: Ghetto Cowboy by Yelawolf

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Yelawolf comes through with a new album titled Ghetto Cowboy, the new album is Yelawolf’s second LP this year after his Trunk Muzil series.

This is the rapper’s sixth studio album and his first solo album since the birth of his record label Slumerican, he was formally signed to Eminem’s Shady Music where he dropped Love Story, Trial by Fire and Trunk Muzik 3.

The veteran artist said in an interview “This album has been the most gratifying to me as an artist being that it’s my first indie release on my own label. I have no one to answer to and that can be a scary responsibility. After Love StoryTrial By Fire and then Trunk Muzik 3, I feel like I got a well-rounded project that speaks to all the fans; hip hop, rock’n’roll, and southern fans alike. I ain’t reinventing the wheel here, just doing what I love to do, doing what I think is dope and original” and so on.

Below is a possible track list of the Ghetto Cowboy album if the rapper doesn’t make a last minute changes

1. Mama Wolf
2. Unnatural Born Killer
3. Opie Taylor
4. Box Chevy 7
5. Here I Am
6. Still Ridin’
7. Lightning
8. Renegades
9. So Long
10. You and Me
11. A Message From DJ Paul
12. Country Rich
13. Keep on Rollin
14. Ghetto Cowboy

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