BORED? 10 Productive Things Students can do During this Lockdown


Holidays are exciting and fun times for generally everyone but in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, the current seemingly unending stay-at-home break is starting to get boring for students. For the bookworms in particular, it isn’t easy adapting to staying indoors for months with entirely nothing to do. Check out 10 productive activities you can engage in as a student to occupy your time in this lockdown.

  1. Watch documentaries

If you really want to come out of this long break a better person then you need to put in considerable effort in grabbing information and lessons from the ‘real life’. Don’t just spend all your time watching television or binge-watching Money Heist series. There are several class documentaries you can find on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  1. Play rewarding online games

What’s more fascinating than earning from what you absolutely enjoy doing? Yeah, Call of Duty is cool, FIFA is amazing, but have you considered making a few bucks from some of these captivating and addictive games that eats up your time? There are a couple of outlets that offer varieties of these games like NetBet Casino that you should try out.

  1. Learn a new language

You really can’t tell where you’ll find yourself in no distant future. There’s no harm in trying to learn say French or Spanish during your excess free time, even if it’s just the basics of the language. You can get your hands on useful apps or even videos on YouTube.

  1. Set up a reading challenge

It doesn’t have get so long and boring if you plan to do it everyday. Be it a book, novel, or even your Bible or Quran, reading is much more efficient when it’s a planned day-to-day challenge.

  1. Learn programming codes

You don’t necessarily have to be a computer guru for you to know how to code. I tell you – from a personal experience – it isn’t as difficult as it might seem if you start from learning simpler languages. This is your one big chance to get sophisticated and add a valuable skill to your CV. A couple of websites like w3schools offer free courses you can start up with.

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